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Why Martial Arts Is Important For Girls

Often people associate martial arts training with something that boys will prefer, but many girls love the challenge of karate, taekwondo or perhaps jiu jitsu. In addition, there are many practical reasons why training for martial arts in San Marcos, Encinitas or Carlsbad can be essential for girls.

Self-defense is important for boys and girls, alike, but often girls are not taught elements of self-defense and this could place them in danger. Karate teaches basic self-defense skills, such as escaping from an attacker or incapacitating an attacker, even if that person is bigger. In addition, karate teaches one to be very aware of their surroundings and this alone can keep your daughter safe. Too often, people ignore what is going on around them, but through karate training, your daughter will learn to be aware of what is happening around her and be prepared to face many dangers.

Just like boys, girls need plenty of exercise and karate classes can provide a high level of exercise and physical conditioning. For many children, team sports are not something that really appeals to them, and karate might be a more attractive option. Karate classes will improve your child’s coordination and overall body strength.

For many young girls and teens, worrying about their body image is a huge issue. So often, girls are judged on their appearance, but in karate you are judged only on your technical skills. Everyone can be successful in karate with hard work, focus and perseverance. In addition, karate is not about appearances, and everyone will wear the same uniform which is designed to fit comfortably and be practical rather than attractive.

Karate in Encinitas or karate in Carlsbad or karate in San Marcos not only improves your daughter’s physical strength; it also improves their overall level of accomplishment. They learn the same skills as the boys and earn belts for mastering these same skills. A child in karate class can be successful through focus and hard work; it doesn’t matter whether you are short or tall, male or female, weak or strong. If you work hard, you can succeed, and this is a big confidence booster.

If you are interested in finding classes for karate in Carlsbad, karate in San Marcos or karate in Encinitas, take a tour of the facilities at Team MAI. A two-week trial is available to decide whether or not Team MAI is a good fit for your child. As a school for martial arts in Carlsbad, the focus at Team MAI is on teaching confidence, respect and discipline, as well as having fun along the way.

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