• Creates A Positive, Supportive Environment

Our son has been attending MAI for 5 years. The entire staff is highly skilled and professional. MAI creates a positive, supportive environment that helps kids develop and advance their interest in martial arts. In addition, our son has built a stronger sense of commitment and team work that will benefit him in all areas of his life.

— Evan Goldman/ Kathy And Matt Goldman

  • Great Sportsmanship At Tournaments

My daughter brooke has ben part of the MAI tournament team for the past 3 years and i couldn’t be more pleased with her success. She’s become part of an amazing team of kids and mentors who display such great sportsmanship at tournaments and class alike. The positive environment from the front desk to the mat is the best! It’s been a pleasure watching her develop her forms and gain confidence with her sparring. We love team MAI!

— Brooke Degraan/ Nicole Degraan

  • All The Instructors/Staff Have Been Amazing

Hannah has loved MAI from day 1 and the love is still there after almost 5 years. All the instructors/staff have been amazing.

— Hannah Bodden/ Jason Bodden

  • Desire To Achieve Higher Levels

My daughter has been a student at MAI since 1st grade. Her participation in this program has helped her with her focus at school and has given her a desire to achieve higher levels within the MAI program. She takes great pride in her success!

— Katie Armstrong/ Beth Armstrong

  • More Responsible In Their Actions

MAI has taught Luke and Isabel many values that are directly applied to life outside of class. They have learned to respect themselves as well as others and have become more responsible in their actions because of it. I love being able to see their skill and confidence grow from class to class with the amazing staff!

— Luke And Isabel Rivett/ Shelley Rivett

  • We love MAI!

We love MAI! Besides learning the karate moves, our son is learning to be a great person. I don’t know of another school where a sensei takes the time for a one-on-one talk with a student regarding being respectful and responsible.

— The Millers

  • Become More Confident & Determined

Hyland has become more confident and determined. She works on her school work, chores, and good citizenship daily, due to her discipline learned at MAI.

The staff is professional and always available to answer questions and give guidance. The black belt program is excellent and encourages course completion.

— Hyland Coons/ Matthew Coons

  • My Children Show Respect

Since my children have been enrolled, I’ve noticed their level of self-confidence and involvement has grown leaps and bounds, not just here in MAI, but in school as well. I’m pleased at how they look forward to coming to karate and enjoy learning new forms. My children show respect, dedication and have fun teaching each other forms at home. They really enjoy their senseis.

— Isaac And Jonalynne Perez/ Stephanie Perez

  • Developed Self-Confidence, Motivation, & Discipline

Both my 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter have enjoyed and continue to enjoy their training at MAI. They have both developed self confidence, motivation, and discipline. Instructors have helped my children develop and master their skills through encouragement. MAI has been great for my kids!

— Matthew And Samantha Lee/ Sona Lee

  • MAI Has Been Wonderful For Our Son

MAI has been wonderful for our son cory. He started out in the school program and quickly fell in love with the school and the senseis. Since joining MAI, i have seen cory’s confidence in himself increase 100%! The sensei’s are extremely professional and truly care about the kids. My husband was so impressed that he joined mai himself! I would recommend mai to anyone looking for a fun, competitive, and professional karate school!

— Cory Backues/ Kerry And Jason Backues

  • Highly Recommend This Dojo

My nephew has been taking MAI instruction for 9 months. He has developed skills in mind and body that one would not expect in a seven year old. He has respect and honor for his senseis. Watching him grow into a skilled karate student is rewarding to his family as well. Highly recommend this dojo to everyone.

— Ann Garcia

  • Honored To Have Our Children Taught By MAI Carlsbad

We feel so honored to have our children taught by mai carlsbad. MAI carlsbad has proven to be professional in its’ conduct, methodical in skill delivery and application, and most importantly, has provided a fun sense of community for our children. The skills our children have acquired have translated socially, academically, and has improved their self esteem. We thank you MAI!

— Halle And Ethan Prestage/ Todd And Amanda Prestage

  • Never Lost Interest Since Day One

Our daughter Jamie Mullen has attended Martial Arts International (MAI) for the past three months and has never lost interest since day one. She has tried other sports and has very good hand/eye coordination but we have never seen her show this much interest in any one sport. The instructors really take the time to work with the students through every level of their progress. My wife and I really appreciate how much emphasis is put on teaching respect to the students in the dojo, at school and at home. My daughter is always excited for her classes and cannot wait until her next time at the MAI dojo. Thanks for the commitment to our daughter and other students like her!

— Rob & Christie Mullen, parents

  • Teaching Kids Respect and Self-Discipline

Martial Arts International has taught our kids respect for adults and self-discipline. In addition to learning karate, they are taught many other valuable life lessons. Sensei LoBell is responsible for our 8 year old refusing junk food and asking for healthy food choices. Our kids know they must get good grades and make wise choices outside of the dojo in order to test for their next belt. We strongly recommend MAI for anyone who is thinking of putting their child in a martial arts program.

— Robert and Christine Hamparyan, parents

  • They are Senseis Extraordinaire!

What I love about MAI is the atmosphere of having Rock Star Senseis LoBell, Uribe, O’Keefe, and Kunkel. They are Senseis Extraordinaire! Not only are they talented, but they teach with skill and efficiency. I enjoy seeing happy kids aspire to be like the Senseis, my son included!

Practicing karate at MAI is my favorite pasttime! Not only is it great exercise, I enjoy the katas and learning new techniques in sparring. The Senseis are so incredibly good at teaching and practicing, they really inspire me! My son loves the challenge of gaining stripes on his belt and is motivated by all the talent at the dojo. MAI rocks!

— Sensei Jean O’Hara, student and parent

  • Thank You for Your Positive Influence!

Our son, Mac Quinn, started with MAI when he was 5 years old. He is now 12 years old and testing for his black belt. Mac played other sports throughout the years and would miss a month here and there but never gave up karate. The confidence and respect he learned for others and himself definitely came from his experience at MAI. Though we acknowledge the work and determination of our son Mac, we also know he is where he is at because of the Senseis and wonderful employees at MAI. We sincerely thank you for all your positive influences on our son and others!

— Catherine Hindle and Tom Quinn, MAI parents

  • MAI Rocks!

Practicing karate at MAI is my favorite pasttime! Not only is it great exercise, I enjoy the katas and learning new techniques in sparring. The Senseis are so incredibly good at teaching and practicing, they really inspire me! My son loves the challenge of gaining stripes on his belt and is motivated by all the talent at the dojo. MAI rocks!

— Jean O’Hara, MAI student and parent