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Taking Karate In Encinitas & 5 Other Anti-Bullying Tips

Since the dawn of time, children and teenagers have had to deal with bullying. If your child is being emotionally or physically bullied, you fully understand the consequences of this behavior. There are several positive steps that you or your child can take to either stop the bullying or reduce its effect on your life.

Taking our classes for karate in Encinitas or Carlsbad is an excellent step in the fight against bullying. While we don’t advocate violence, we do teach self-defense skills so that if you child does have defend themselves, they will have the skills needed to deal with these issues. Additionally, taking karate in Encinitas is a huge confidence booster. As kids and teens progress and earn belts, their confidence will grow and they will form friendships with fellow classmates, and this also helps to alleviate the effects of bullying.

In addition to taking karate classes, the following tips might also prove helpful in the fight against bullying. Some of these tips are meant for parents, while others can be strategies used by your kids.

1. Encourage Communication
Too often, kids and teens are hesitant to discuss bullying. If you suspect that your child is being bullied, encourage them to talk to you about it. Even if it is easier for them to write down the problem, any type of communication is helpful. Once a parent has a better idea of what is going on, it’s easier to find ways to solve the problem. It’s also healthier to talk about the issue and share your fears and frustration, rather than keeping your emotions to yourself. Once you understand the situation, be sure your child’s teachers and the school administration is aware of the incidents.

2. Keep Records
If your child is being bullied, keep a journal and record each of the incidents, no matter how small they might be. While there are many wonderful teachers and school administrators in our area, too often, a school will simply ignore one or two issues of bullying, especially if you aren’t very specific about each issue. Taking notes about what was said and what was done can help you communicate better with teachers and school staff, as well as the parents of the kids that are doing the bullying.

3. Avoid Isolated Situations
While, it’s essential that children and teens talk with an adult if they fear a physical confrontation with a bully, it also helps if you avoid places where it might be easy for a bully to attack. A bully is much less likely to bother a person when they are in a group setting, so avoiding isolation can be a helpful tool.

At our schools for karate in Encinitas and Carlsbad, we teach children to always be aware of their surroundings, as well as teaching self-defense skills. If you are afraid of a physical or verbal assault, it is best to stay in areas of the playground or school where there are well-supervised or perhaps stay with several friends at all times. If these situations occur on the way home, consider the possibility of having someone drive you to or from school or walk to school with people you trust.

4. Think About Your Reaction
This is a tough one to accomplish sometimes, but bullies enjoy watching your frustration and anxiety escalate. The less you react emotionally, the less power the bully possesses. Often, if you simply showcase that you don’t care about teasing or aren’t afraid of the potential physical abuse, this de-escalates the situation. Don’t give a bully power over your emotions, and always remember that bullying says far more about the bully than it does about the victim.

This is another positive aspect of taking karate lessons. We teach students how to exude confidence and stay calm even in the face of fear. A child might be afraid, but if they can show confidence and strength in their stance and demeanor, the bully will have second thoughts about continuing the confrontation. Of course, we also teach children to be kind and respectful of others, and to learn positive ways to settle conflicts. If you have a child that tends to act out as a bully, karate can be a good fit for that child, as well.

Bullying continues to be a problem in our schools and neighborhoods, but providing children and teens with the tools that they need to deal with bullying situations can be one of the best ways to ensure that your child doesn’t become adversely affected by these situations.

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