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Taekwondo In Encinitas Or Karate? 6 Reasons To Choose Karate

When you begin searching for martial arts classes, you’ll find classes for jiu jitsu, karate and taekwondo in Encinitas as well as in San Marcos and Carlsbad. While all of these martial arts have their benefits, we have compiled a few reasons why karate might be the best option.

1. Karate Engages Students
When students are enjoying their lessons, they want to practice and progress. Karate is an exciting, engaging form of martial arts and one that kids and teens enjoy for many years. In fact, many of our students continue taking karate instruction well into adulthood. While we focus on teaching confidence, respect and discipline, we also strive to create a fun atmosphere for the students where they can build lifelong friends and build a lifelong love for karate and physical fitness.

2. Karate Is Easy To Learn
If you have a child or teen that wants to try martial arts, but feels less than confident about their athletic skills, karate might be a better fit than jiu jitsu or taekwondo in Encinitas. While becoming a black belt is not easy and requires hard work, when you first get started with karate, you will be surprised at how easy the initial training will be. With a little practice, your child will be able to show off some pretty impressive karate moves in no time at all.

3. Karate Is Safe
This may seem odd, after all karate is a “fighting” skill. However, when taught properly by experienced teachers, the likelihood of injury is extremely low. Even when we ease into sparring and weapons, we stress safety at all times. In fact, few athletic activities are as safe as karate in general, and that includes sports such as football, baseball, gymnastics and many others.

4. Karate Increases Your Safety
Not only is karate a safe activity, it also increases your child or teen’s safety. We make it easy for students to learn basic self-defense skills and strategies. While there are many benefits to taking martial arts classes, learning self-defense skills is at the top of the list. This includes teaching students to be aware of their surroundings and teaching strategies to avoid conflict.

5. Karate Is An Excellent Source Of Exercise
These days, kids spend too much of their time staring at screens, and not enough time being physically active. Taking a weekly karate class and making an effort to practice your skills each day can help kids get off the couch and improve their coordination, strength and endurance. As students progress, they also can join our tournament team, which provides even more activity as well as the fun and camaraderie that accompanies competitions.

6. Karate Can Change Your Life
All martial arts can be beneficial, and whether you select Karate or judo or taekwondo in Encinitas or Carlsbad, top-notch martial arts instruction can transform your life. Of course, we believe that karate is the ideal martial art. Karate has a rich history and through karate instruction, students will gain self-confidence, improve their work habits and concentration and truly build a foundation for their life. The lessons you learn at the dojo permeate every aspect of your life. We love watching students blossom into confident, kind, strong human beings ready to tackle all of the challenges that life throws their way.

So, should you select taekwondo in Encinitas or taekwondo in San Marcos or karate or jiu jitsu or judo? There are so many different types of martial arts to consider, and it can be confusing to decide which option is the best one for your child. To make it easier, we offer a free two-week trial so that your teen or child can participate in a couple of classes and truly discover if karate is the best fit. If you would like to set up a tour of the dojo and learn more about our program, give us a call today.

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