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Preparing For Karate Classes Or Jiu Jitsu In Encinitas

If your child is taking classes for karate, taekwondo or jiu jitsu in Encinitas, there is a small bit of preparation that is needed prior to the beginning of each class. Here are a few tips and some helpful information for parents regarding how they can ensure that students come to class ready to learn.

For each form of martial arts, whether its karate or judo or perhaps jiu jitsu in San Marcos, there is a special uniform. Most of these uniforms look very similar, and actually, they are called a gi and not a uniform. Some martial arts don’t use a gi, but at our school for karate, the students do wear a gi. Typically, the gi is white, although some of our gi’s are black or red. In case you were wondering, gi is simply a Japanese word for outfit or uniform.

When a child attends classes, he or she typically is expected to wear the gi. The exception to this rule is our after school classes that we teach at many of the local elementary schools. For those who attend regular classes at our dojo, we recommend washing using cold water, checking and treating for stains prior to wash. It is not a good idea to use bleach when washing a gi, but you can pre-soak a gi for a bit of extra cleaning. We also don’t recommend that you dry the gi in a dryer. Rather it is best to simply hang the uniform to dry and iron if needed. We recommend washing the gi after every class, to keep it fresh, clean and bacteria-free.

We work hard in every class, and kids definitely work up a sweat. Because karate and jiu jitsu in San Marcos or Encinitas requires a great deal of energy, we definitely recommend that students eat a healthy snack or healthy meal prior to attending class. It’s extremely hard to concentrate when one is hungry and you just won’t have the required amount of energy. If you are rushing to get to class straight from school, consider a quick option that you can eat in the car such as some fruit and string cheese or perhaps a yogurt cup or maybe some cheese and whole wheat crackers.

At Team MAI, our goal is to always make our classes enjoyable. Whether your child is taking karate classes at our dojo, jiu jitsu in Encinitas or perhaps taekwondo or judo, this should be an activity he or she really enjoys. Parents can help by showing enthusiasm for classes before they drop off their kids and then taking an interest in what was taught. Ask your child to demonstrate their skills or teach you a skill and be sure to celebrate whenever a new belt has been earned.

Outside of your classes for karate, taekwondo or jiu jitsu in San Marcos, make some time for physical activity with your children. This can be as simple as tossing around a Frisbee at the park or taking the dog on a daily walk around the neighborhood. Getting outside and exercising with your kids, such as a short hike or playing at the park, not only improves one’s physical condition, it also improves your mental health and increases the bond between you and your child.

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