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Planning A Karate-Themed Party

If your son or daughter enjoys classes for karate in Encinitas, planning a birthday party with a karate theme can be an excellent idea. At Team MAI, we have some easy and fun suggestions that will make planning this party a snap.

When it comes to kids’ parties, there are really just four categories to think about: Decorations, Food, Games & Favors. Selecting the decorations for the party can be a good first step. If your child takes classes for karate in Encinitas, you probably have noticed that the traditional colors associated with karate seem to be black, white and red. You could stick with decorations include these three colors for simple, effective look.

If you wish to keep decorations basic and highly affordable, simply hang up black, white and red streamers and add helium-filled red, black and white balloons as accents. Cover the kids’ table with a black tablecloth and use red plates, napkins and cups. You could also create and print out a banner that states “Happy Birthday” using a ninja-style font. These are just a few suggestions that your student of karate in Encinitas might enjoy for his or her party. You also could head to the local party store to purchase items in a Ninja theme. While this is not as authentic as karate, it has the same type of ambiance. You also can find party supplies with a Lego Ninjago theme.

The easiest portion of the planning, especially with a children’s party, typically will be the food. Decorate the buffet table with the same colors as the rest of the party. Cover the table with a black cloth and add some stacks of books or small boxes in a couple of places, cover those with black as well, and you can place bowls of chips or platters of food on these elevated areas. Having elevated sections on a buffet looks more interesting than simply laying everything out on one level.

When thinking about food, keep in mind that young students of karate in Encinitas tend to have simple tastes. While you might be tempted by the lures of Japanese favorites such as sushi and teriyaki chicken, it also is wise to serve some typical American party fare. Small sandwiches and pizza typically are universally appealing and you can fill bowls with chips and pretzels. A vegetable and fruit tray also is a good idea. For a fun twist, you could create candy “sushi” using Rice Krispie treats rolled and filled with gummy worms and wrapped in fruit leather. Another fun idea is to buy multi-colored licorice whips and tie them like little karate belts.

These little students of karate in Encinitas definitely will need to burn off some energy during your party, so planning games and activities is a must. If you are hosting a strictly indoor party, consider games such as Pin The Belt on The Ninja or perhaps allow children to use their karate skills to break boards fashioned from Styrofoam. Some fun ninja crafts also are a good idea for an indoor party.

If you have sufficient outdoor space, letting the kids run around is always a good idea. They could play freeze tag with a karate-twist and have the students of karate in Encinitas run around trying to dodge being tagged by their Sensei. You also could have them throw foam ninja stars into bins or buckets at a set distance or perhaps blow up long balloons and allow the kids to have mock Samurai sword battles.

As for favors, you can send kids home with a karate headband personalized with their name as well as a small bag filled with fun items such as Ninja-themed pencils and stickers, flying discs, tiny Ninja figurines or erasers in the shape of Ninja stars. All of these would be fun options that children taking lessons for karate in Encinitas or Carlsbad might enjoy.

For parents searching for the easiest imaginable karate-themed party, you might consider hosting your birthday party at our facility. We often host parties for our students of karate from Encinitas, San Marcos and Carlsbad. Our $200 party fee includes one-and-a-half hours at our facility for up to 10 kids. The party includes a variety of games and karate demonstrations and each child receives a free guest pass for the Team MAI facility. We also have a special gift for the child celebrating a birthday. On top of all of that, we handle set up and clean up, as well, which saves parents a ton of time.

If you are interested in signing up for karate in Encinitas, Carlsbad or San Marcos or want to ask about birthday party availability, give us a call at any time. We can schedule a tour of our facilities and provide you with information about all of our karate programs.

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