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Martial Arts San Marcos: Confidence, Respect & Discipline

At Team MAI, our motto states that, “we teach confidence, respect, and discipline,” but what does this really mean? If you are studying martial arts in San Marcos, Carlsbad or Encinitas, it’s important that you truly understand what each of these tenets or principles truly encompasses.

While even a confident child can be the victim of a bully, all too often, a timid, self-conscious child ends up as the target. The bullying, of course, further damages the child’s fragile self-image. Martial arts in San Marcos can improve your child’s confidence and make them a bit more bully-proof.

Martial arts in San Marcos improves self-esteem and confidence in several ways. First of all, we do not tolerate bullying in our dojo. Students are expected to encourage their classmates and be respectful at all times, and the instructors model this behavior, as well. Second, if a student is willing to practice and work hard, they will succeed at martial arts. Many of our students are reluctant to try team sports but excel at martial arts. It’s not easy, but with hard work, students will progress and earn belts. This is a huge boost to their confidence level.

Lastly, we teach self-defense skills, which provide a student with the peace of mind to know that if they have to defend themselves, they absolutely can. We certainly do not advocate violence at all, but sometimes just knowing that you have the skills to defend yourself in a scary situation, can be a huge confidence booster.

Of course, there’s a fine line between confident and cocky. We don’t want our students prancing about, bragging about their awesome karate skills. We also temper confidence with a healthy dose of humility. In today’s world of self-promotion and social media, learning to be humble can make one a well-rounded, kinder, more compassionate individual, which the world certainly needs.

We teach respect on many levels at our schools for martial arts in San Marcos and Carlsbad. For instance, we expect our students to respect their instructors and the assistants. We also expect students to respect each other during class and outside of the dojo. We also ask that students come to class on time, in a neat and clean uniform, ready to learn, and this shows respect for the class and the instructors. Additionally, we expect students to show respect to their parents, their siblings and their classmates and teachers. We might not always agree with an individual, but showing respect to another person is an important part of building character.

Finally, we also teach a student that they need to respect themselves. This covers many aspects in life, and not just the time spent in our dojo. Self-respect includes behaving with honor and dignity at all times. We want students to be responsible and positive, taking pride in their appearance and in their daily goals. Part of self-respect is searching for ways to improve.

We encourage students to take stock of their traits, both good and bad, and make some goals for improvement. For instance, perhaps a student tends to be disorganized. Rather than simply feeling bad about this issue, they can formulate a plan and work to improve this issue. Perhaps a student has a problem with anger and wants to improve this aspect of their personality. There are many ways a person can alleviate these feelings, such as taking deep breaths, walking into another room until they are calmer or writing down how they feel rather than simply blurting out angry woods. These are just two examples of how a student can improve their own level of self-respect.

Discipline and respect often go hand in hand. Nothing great can be achieved without discipline. If they wish to succeed, students must be willing to practice the skills they have learned at our schools for martial arts in San Marcos and Carlsbad. While discipline regarding martial arts is crucial, we also want their level of discipline in other areas to improve, as well. This includes doing their best at school and completing daily chores at home.

Obviously, kids (and adults) need to make time for fun, but we encourage students to understand that if they work hard and complete important tasks, then there will be time for relaxation and fun. It can help to encourage your child to create a daily schedule, with certain tasks that need to be accomplished before playtime or watching TV. We find that many of our students need to work on staying focused as well as improving discipline, and we teach students how to clear their heads and focus on a single task during our classes. These lessons can extend beyond the dojo and into every aspect of your child’s life.

If you’ve been searching for martial arts in San Marcos, Team MAI recently opened a new dojo at 1001 West San Marcos Blvd. This dojo’s convenient location, just a few blocks from the 78, currently offers classes every Monday and Wednesday. If you are interested in trying our new facility for martial arts in San Marcos or our main dojo in Carlsbad, give us a call at any time. We offer a free two-week trial, and we can provide you with a tour of our facility and answer any questions you may have.

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