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Martial Arts San Marcos: Beyond The Dojo

At Team MAI, our instructors are not just focused on teaching karate skills to students; we also are concerned with the whole person. Through training, our students become more confident, have improved discipline and focus, and learn how to respect others. It is our hope that Team MAI students enjoy benefits from karate in San Marcos and Carlsbad that extends beyond the dojo.

Improvement In School

Among the many benefits we tend to see after a student has begun classes for karate in San Marcos, Encinitas or Carlsbad, is an improvement in school. In order to learn each karate technique, a student must focus and work hard to master the skill. A student in our dojo learns that with focus and determination and practice, their skills will improve. Often the focus a student learns in the dojo extends into being able to focus better at school and while doing homework.

One of the reasons why kids can be successful at karate is that we focus on just one or two skills at a time. We want the students to be mindful of what they are trying to accomplish, and it’s far easier to focus and be mindful when you eliminate distractions and keep things as simple as possible. After they begin to understand the importance of focus during karate classes, we encourage them to expand this focus to other areas of life and this includes their time spent at school as well as completing homework.

Improvement In Spirit

While some kids just power through life bursting with confidence, many others lack self-esteem and still others suffer from anxiety. This anxiety and lack of confidence often makes them feel overwhelmed. Classes for karate in San Marcos can help in several ways.

All children and teens can be successful at karate. All you have to do is work hard, focus, follow directions and practice. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, slim or heavier, you can learn karate skills. Each belt you earn will be proof of your hard work and accomplishments. We also demand a high level of respect from the students. They are there to work hard and encourage each other. While karate is an individual sport, as a school, we are a team and we support each other.

For many children who are the targets of bullying, karate provides a sense of self-confidence. When a person knows they can defend themselves if necessary, that knowledge is often enough for them to stand in front of a bully and calmly face that person. Often just the fact that they show no fear of their foe is enough to stop the bullying.

We don’t encourage physical retaliation, just the opposite. One of the goals of martial arts in San Marcos is to teach them to project that confidence and strength in their body language. Avoiding violence is always a top priority. Karate is about self-defense, not violence. We teach students to maintain calm and reason and work through problems in a positive way, yet give them the tools they need to defend themselves if that becomes necessary.

Improvement In Health

Of course, karate is also a great form of exercise targeting every part of your body. Your child will improve their strength, flexibility, balance and stamina through lessons for karate in San Marcos. The students work hard, but they also have a lot of fun and we believe that exercise should be fun and engaging in order for it to be effective.

If you are interested in martial arts in San Marcos and karate in San Marcos, call Team MAI today and set up a tour of our dojo. We offer a free two-week trial so that your child or teen can see for themselves if Team MAI will be a good fit.

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