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Martial Arts In San Marcos: Preparing For Your Child’s First Class

If you are new to the world of martial arts, but considering signing your child or teen up for their first class, both of you might be a bit unsure about this endeavor. Every new experience can seem a bit daunting at first, but it won’t take long until your child is comfortable and enjoying their karate classes. Here are a few tips to help make those first classes as easy as possible and some information about what you can expect.

Nervous Martial Artists Are Welcome
While some kids breeze right in and take to martial arts like a duck takes to water, most kids and teens are bit a nervous during the first couple of classes, and that’s ok. After all, this is a totally new experience, unlike anything they might have done before. If you child seems very nervous or even cries, don’t fret, we can handle it. We’ve taught hundreds of children, and they all end up having a blast.

Learning how to handle new situations is a big part of life, and our karate classes can be a safe way to introduce something new and challenging. One of the goals of martial arts training is to instill a sense of confidence in our students. After a few weeks or months of martial arts lessons, you will see that your child displays a greater confidence in many aspects of life.

As a side note, sometimes children are nervous because they are afraid that everyone else in the class will be more experienced than they are, but this also isn’t true. We arrange classes by age and by skill level. So if you have a child of 10 or 12 or 15 and they are just getting started, there will be plenty of other beginning students in class with them.

The Good News: There’s No Sparring On Your First Day
Of course, this could also be the bad news if your child was looking forward to sparring. However, many children and teens worry that we start right off with sparring and that’s just not true. It takes plenty of training to achieve the level of competence to begin sparring. We begin by teaching basic moves and gradually increase the skill level. However, don’t confuse “basic” with “boring,” we infuse each of our classes with a healthy dose of fun and keep kids occupied and engaged throughout each lesson.

Eventually, as your child progresses, they may become interesting in sparring as well as weapons training. We have a Tournament Team, and students participating in this team will learn advanced sparring techniques as well as weapons training and showmanship, as well as participating in many exciting competitions throughout Southern California.

Viewing The Lessons
Many parents like to observe our classes, and we have floor-to-ceiling windows that provide parents and family members with an optimum viewing area. We also have a patio where families can relax, enjoy a snack or perhaps provide a space for other children to complete homework. Of course, you don’t have to observe and sometimes children (and especially teens) prefer that their parents don’t watch, but it definitely can be fun to watch the kids learn and progress.

How Parents Can Help
While you might not be able to help them learn new skills, you can encourage them to practice the skills they learn during our classes for martial arts in San Marcos. If the word “practice” turns your children to mush, consider simply asking them to demonstrate their skills instead or perhaps ask them to teach you a few of the karate forms that they have learned.

Additionally, you can help students by ensuring that they arrive on time and properly dressed. We also recommend that students have a snack before arriving for a class, especially if they are heading straight from school to the dojo. A quick yogurt, some fruit, almonds, a granola bar, string cheese or another quick snack can really help to improve their focus.

If you have further questions about martial arts in San Marcos, don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time. We can set up a tour of our facility and provide you with any information you might need about our karate programs.

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