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Martial Arts Carlsbad: Some Options For Your Child

Classes for martial arts in Carlsbad are an excellent option for most children and no matter what type of martial arts training you select, there are many important benefits he or she will receive. Here is some basic information about a few common styles of martial arts to help you consider which one might be best for your son or daughter.

In general, martial arts can be separated into about four categories: Striking martial arts, wrestling martial arts, grappling martial arts and martial arts that use a combination of grappling, wrestling and striking. When it comes to martial arts in Carlsbad or martial arts in Encinitas and San Marcos, you have many of these options available.

There are several martial arts that focus on wrestling, including Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling. Brazilian jiu jitsu and Sambo are two martial arts that primarily focus on grappling, although a few wrestling techniques are included. If your child is interested in learning grappling skills, jiu jitsu in Carlsbad, jiu jitsu in San Marcos or jiu jitsu in Encinitas might be something to consider.

Striking skills are the primary focus of martial arts such as Muay Thai and taekwondo and to a certain extent karate, although karate also can include elements of grappling as well. Generally, karate and taekwondo are better suited to children, so it might be best to think about taking karate in Carlsbad or taekwondo in Carlsbad rather than Muay Thai.

Karate is the main focus at our school for martial arts in Carlsbad but we also include elements of mixed martial arts. Our goal is to strengthen both the mind and body, instilling a sense of self-confidence as well as respect for others and oneself. Teaching discipline is another component of our program. It is our hope that the lessons learned in the dojo will extend into all aspects of your child or teen’s life.

Of course, we also want the kids to have fun so our instructors keep this in mind as they teach our martial arts classes in Carlsbad. In addition to classes at our Carlsbad dojo, we direct after-school classes for martial arts in Carlsbad at eight public elementary schools and Carlsbad Country Day School. In addition, we offer after-school martial arts classes in San Marcos at Carrillo Elementary School. Our Carlsbad dojo also is conveniently close for those interested in martial arts in Encinitas.

If you think karate classes in San Marcos, karate classes in Encinitas or karate classes in Carlsbad might be the perfect fit, consider taking a free, two-week trial at Team MAI. The instructors at this dojo focus on teaching confidence, respect and discipline as well as having a great time along the way. Your child will learn crucial self-defense techniques as well as strengthening their minds and bodies.

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