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Keeping Kids Inspired For Karate & Taekwondo In San Marcos

For many students of karate or taekwondo in San Marcos, going to their martial arts class is one of the highlights of the week. Still, even the most enthusiastic student needs a bit of inspiration from time to time, so here are a few quick tips to keep kids happy, focused and inspired to continue their marital arts training.

1. Show An Interest In Their Learning

One of the best ways to inspire your child to work hard at karate, judo or taekwondo in San Marcos is to simply show enthusiasm about their training. Ask them to demonstrate some new skills or observe during some of their classes. Provide plenty of praise for their hard work and get excited for them as they earn belts and improve their skills.

2. Keep Attendance Levels High

Life certainly has a knack for interfering with our best-laid plans, and we certainly understand when students miss an occasional class. After all, if your child is sick or your car breaks down or there is a family emergency, this makes it tough to keep on your regular schedule. However, when you enroll in classes for jiu jitsu, karate, judo or taekwondo in San Marcos, regular attendance is extremely important.

Consistent training truly provides the best possible experience for your child. As with any activity, the more you practice and spend time with an instructor, the faster you will progress. Keep in mind, during class your child is not only receiving instruction that will help him or her improve their karate skills, this is also a great opportunity for exercise. Additionally, our goals are to teach confidence, respect and discipline, which are lessons that can have a powerful impact on your child in every aspect of their life and not just during their time at the dojo.

3. Stay Active Beyond The Dojo

When students are enrolled in classes for karate or taekwondo in San Marcos, this has a positive impact on their overall health. Martial arts classes improve coordination, flexibility and strength, as well as providing cardiovascular exercise. However, children definitely can benefit from activity beyond their karate classes.

We encourage parents to provide their children with plenty of exercise opportunities. While many parents understandably don’t wish to over-schedule their children’s activities, exercise doesn’t have to means enrollment in additional sports or classes. Beyond classes for taekwondo in San Marcos or karate, you could enjoy activities such as swimming, hiking, going to the beach, bike rides, taking nature walks, playing with a Frisbee or just running around with kids in the neighborhood. Even taking the dog for a daily walk can provide some quick exercise.

4. Martial Arts Movies Can Be A Source Of Inspiration

Movies can often be a great source of inspiration, and there are plenty of options out there for students of taekwondo in San Marcos or karate or any other form of martial arts. Sports-related movies are especially motivational because they typically stress the skills of hard work, discipline and tenacity, all of which make one a better martial arts student.

As a karate school, we are certainly partial to movies such as “The Karate Kid,” which not only showcases some cool karate movies, it also inspires one to work hard and never give up. The remake is another solid option, but of course, being set in China, the martial art showcased in the film is not actually karate. Of course, younger children probably will enjoy the “Kung Fu Panda” movies, while teens probably will enjoy watching martial arts legend Bruce Lee in movies such as “Enter The Dragon” or “Fists of Fury.”

5. Rewards For A Job Well Done

This one might be a bit controversial and there is some debate as to whether or not one should reward a child whenever they accomplish a task. Of course, as adults we often get a bonus at work or perhaps some type of accolade for a job well done, so what motivates adults also can motivate children to work harder as they undergo training for karate, jiu jitsu or taekwondo in San Marcos.

When your child earns a belt for jiu jitsu, karate or taekwondo in San Marcos, there are many ways that you can reward them. For instance, some parents will plan a special dinner or perhaps enjoy a special treat after the belt ceremony. You also could treat them to a movie, a trip to the park, a picnic at the beach or another special activity they might enjoy. If it is an activity that they usually don’t receive, then this reward will be memorable and inspire them to continue practicing and improving their martial arts skills.

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