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Karate & Self Discipline

Martial arts serve more purposes than providing self-defense techniques and physical activity for children. Martial arts is a discipline that is steeped in history and teaches children confidence, respect and self-discipline.

Martial Arts Respect

From the moment a child enters their first class they will be taught to respect their teacher, their fellow classmates and even the classroom in which the classes take place. It is important for children to understand boundaries, learn proper respectful behavior and to learn that martial arts requires respect of their opponents and their physical ability to cause harm. Children who participate in martial arts classes from an early age are often found to behave better in school as well as to have better relationships with their teachers.

Martial Arts Self-Discipline

Martial arts focus on movements that require concentration, flexibility and balance. Students learn to control their bodies as well as their emotions and instincts when participating in martial arts classes. This is another reason children who participate in martial arts classes from a young age learn to behave themselves in class as well as how to manage their work loads more effectively. Even children with symptoms of ADD and ADHD see an improvement in behavior in school as well as at home when taking martial arts classes.

Martial Arts Confidence

Martial arts classes are an excellent way to help build a child’s self-esteem and confidence. They are allowed to progress at their own pace and reap the rewards of their hard work as they work their way through the different levels of belts. It is an unspoken way of providing rewards for good behavior and children learn that each level they achieve is due to their personal performance and achievements. Kids who have confidence issues can really do well when participating in martial arts classes. They will discover they are capable of achieving their goals and even have an easier time making friends as they will share a common interest with their classmates.

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