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Karate San Marcos & Encinitas: 5 Fun Facts About Karate

There are many different types of martial arts and whether you enroll you child or teen in class for karate in San Marcos, karate in Encinitas or perhaps jiu jitsu or taekwondo, they definitely will reap the benefits. Martial arts teaches respect and discipline as well as increasing self-confidence and providing a great form of exercise. Here are a few fun facts about our favorite of the martial arts – karate.

1. Karate Was Developed In Okinawa

If you are taking karate in San Marcos or karate in Encinitas, you are learning an ancient fighting art with roots in Japan. In the original “Karate Kid,” the karate master hailed from Okinawa, which is where karate actually originated way back in the 15th century. Karate wasn’t actually introduced widely throughout Japan until the 20th Century, but it gained popularity very quickly. A quick side note: In the remake of “Karate Kid,” Jackie Chan actually teaches Jaden Smith using a form of kung fu and not karate.

2. Karate Is Popular With Statesmen & Celebrities

For beginning students of karate in Encinitas or karate in San Marcos, it might interest them to know that many illustrious persons and celebrities have earned black belts in karate. This includes Sean Connery, the original James Bond, who earned a black belt in Kyokushin karate. Taylor Lautner, survival expert Bear Grylis and Elvis Presley are just a few others with black belts in various forms of karate. Even President Obama has studied karate, and the list goes on and on.

3. Karate Is Definitely A Great Option For Girls

Of course, martial arts, such as karate in San Marcos and also karate in Encinitas, is definitely not just for the boys. Millions of American girls are enrolled in martial arts classes, and many of our classes have just as many girls as boys. Karate teaches essential self-defense skills that all girls need to know, and it definitely gives you a huge confidence boost. Many famous women have martial arts training including actresses such as Jessica Biel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Anniston, Milla Jovovich, Lucy Liu, Devon Aoki, Evan Rachael Wood and more.

4. Karate Belts Come In Many Colors

Some people mistakenly believe that the black belt is the only belt one earns while taking classes for karate in San Marcos. The black belt is an important achievement, but there are actually many other belts one must earn first. You start out with a white belt and then yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, red and, finally, black. Once a child or teen earns their black belt, we still offer many learning opportunities to continue training. They can work toward an adult-level black belt as well as advanced sparring techniques and weapons training.

5. Each Belt Has Its Own Special Meaning

As you progress in your classes for karate in Encinitas or San Marcos, students master certain skills in order to earn each of these belts. Each of these colors is said to have special meaning. The white belt is a symbol of birth and beginning, representing the beginning of your training. The yellow belt and orange belt both represent the sun, as does the red belt, which is earned later. As you can see, the colors of the “sun” intensify as the student progresses, indicating an increase in skill and power.

The green belt represents a sprout, as you have grown in ability from a tiny seed into a sprouted plant. Blue represents the sky and signifies that you are continuing to grow as a martial artist. The purple belt is a special symbol, recognizing that the student is truly progressing toward the black belt and developing as a student. The brown belt is a representation of maturity, such as when the wheat in the field changes from green to brown. Lastly, you earn that black belt, which is a symbol of knowledge and signifies that the student is ready to seek even greater knowledge beyond what he or she has learned.

These are just a few interesting facts about karate in general. If you are interested in karate in San Marcos, karate in Carlsbad or karate in Encinitas, give us a call. We have programs and classes for children and teenagers, as well as adults.

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