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Karate & Jiu Jitsu In San Marcos: 6 Practice Tips

Bruce Lee once said, “practice makes perfect. After a long time of practicing, our work will become natural, skillful, swift and steady.” While consistent attendance in class is crucial, one of the best ways to improve in the martial arts is to practice when you aren’t in the dojo.

Unfortunately, many students of karate or jiu jitsu in San Marcos and Carlsbad often skip practicing or don’t practice enough to make it worthwhile. If your martial arts students seems to have trouble focusing on daily practice, here are a few quick tips that might help.

1. Create A Schedule
Creating a daily schedule can be a great idea for students of karate or jiu jitsu in San Marcos. You can set aside short amount of time, perhaps 20-30 minutes where you turn off the TV and eliminate other distractions and simply focus on martial arts practice. This practice session could be held either before or after school, and if these times feel rushed, consider setting up practice times on the weekends. We recommend practicing at least two times per week outside of class, but, of course, practicing every day is ideal.

2. Set A Goal
What are your child’s favorite kata or perhaps their most challenging kata? Write down a list of the kata your child has learned and go through each of these forms during practice sessions. This will keep your child focused throughout the workout. You also can help your child write down goals for improving each kata. While your child or teen might be tempted to skip the kata they enjoy the most, they should resist this temptation. It’s best to practice each move carefully, over and over, until the moves become natural and fluid.

3. Add A Reward
Practice, just like homework, can seem more like a chore than a recreational activity. Planning a little reward at the end of a practice session can be a great motivator. Perhaps your child will enjoy a little treat or a smoothie after a practice session or maybe some screen time or some other small reward. Perhaps on the weekend, practice time is followed by a trip to the park or the beach or some other fun family activity.

4. Mix It Up
While it is important to practice karate forms as much as possible, there are certainly other exercises that are beneficial for martial arts students. Stretching exercises are a great way to warm up and improve flexibility. Cardiovascular exercises, such as jumping rope, riding a bike, swimming and other fun activities also improve our overall physical condition. If your child has a few activities they love, consider swapping out a practice session for one of these activities. When it comes to exercise, the goal should be to encourage children to be physically activity throughout their lifetime and the best way to do this is to engage in exercise activities that they really enjoy.

5. Practice Together
Sometimes it helps to simply practice with another person. As adults, we often like to have a workout buddy to go on walks or to go with us to the gym. If it’s convenient, consider having one of your child’s classmates come over once or twice a week for practice sessions. This can make practicing more fun, and if practice is fun, we tend to engage in it much more often.

It also can be important to share with our students, that as instructors of karate and jiu jitsu in San Marcos, we practice every day ourselves. Even an instructor with a black belt continues practicing and learning each day. Just as professional athletes practice their skills every day, so do we and this is the best way to become proficient at any skill. As renowned Japanese swordsman and Ronin Miyamoto Musashi once wrote, “you can only fight the way you practice.”

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