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Karate In Carlsbad: What You Get At TeamMAI

Searching for karate in Carlsbad? At TeamMAI we have been offering karate instruction for children and teens for more than 18 years. Here’s a look at what you get at TeamMAI.

1. Karate & A Bit More

While our classes for karate in Carlsbad do focus on traditional karate, we also focus on self-defense techniques. We believe that all young men and young women should know how to defend themselves, and to learn how to be aware of their surroundings. In addition, our teaching also includes elements of mixed martial arts, which is not only fun for the kids, but makes them a more well-rounded athlete.

2. Experienced Instructors

Each class is taught by an experienced instructor, and of course, each Sensei has earned a black belt. In fact, most of our team includes Sensei’s with a third-degree black belt or higher. Our goal is to teach confidence, respect and discipline, but we also want the kids to have a great time.

We offer classes for karate in Carlsbad for students as young as four years of age all the way through the teenage years. Our classes are structured both by age and belt level and each class begins with a solid warm-up followed by kicking drills, learning self-defense techniques, working on form and sparring.

3. Fitness Is Key

Karate in Carlsbad is an excellent option for all types of kids. All kids and teens need plenty of physical activity, and karate provides a whole body workout. The students improve overall strength and muscle tone, as well as improving coordination and flexibility.

If your child feels as though they just cannot become an athlete or doesn’t seem to enjoy typical team sports, karate in Carlsbad can be a fantastic option. At TeamMAI, all kids can be successful. It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or girl, tall or short, heavier or smaller. You just have to work hard, and you will achieve your goals.

4. Improving The Mind

Martial arts training improves more than just the body. Obviously, we focus on teaching karate skills and fitness, but we truly believe that marital arts is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life. Through martial arts instruction, our students gain respect (for others and themselves), humility, a strong work ethic and a big boost in self-confidence.

At our school for karate in Carlsbad, we want the lessons we teach to extend beyond each class and into every aspect of a student’s life. We want them to be successful students, improve their self-control, increase their focus and, in general, help them to become happy, successful human beings.

If you are considering classes for karate in Carlsbad, give us a call at TeamMAI and set up a tour of our 3,000-square-foot facility. We offer a free, two-week trial so that your child or teen can check out the karate experience firsthand and decide whether or not karate is the best fit for them.

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