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Is Your Child Right For Martial Arts In Encinitas?

Every child and teenager needs some type of physical fitness. While they might enjoy some activity at recess or during physical education classes, engaging in another sports-related activity is always a good way to ensure that your children are getting enough exercise. Martial arts in Encinitas or marital arts in San Marcos might be a good option to consider for the following kids or teens.

A Child Who Dislikes Team Sports

Not everyone enjoys participating in team sports, and while team sports certainly boast many benefits, it’s just not for everyone. Martial arts in Encinitas provides a sports option for kids or teens who prefer individual sports. With martial arts in San Marcos or Encinitas, you are working on improving and perfecting skills on an individual basis. While we do have a tournament team for our advanced students, by the time a student has reached that level, they probably will enjoy the camaraderie of this option and, if not, they are free to continue their training independently.

A Shy Or Insecure Child

We aren’t all social butterflies and that’s just fine. The world would be a dull place if everyone was exactly the same. Still, some kids and teens do suffer from shyness and anxiety or are filled with insecurities, and it can affect their lives in a negative way. This can even make them the target of bullying. Martial arts in San Marcos can be a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem. Anyone who works hard can and will succeed at martial arts. It doesn’t matter if you are already a confident kid with natural athletic ability or a shyer child who feels as though they aren’t coordinated enough for sports. All children can progress and improve, and karate will improve their coordination, strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

A Child With Special Needs

For teenagers and children with special needs, martial arts in Encinitas can be an excellent fit. Martial arts provides plenty of structure, consistency and repetition and, because martial arts are individual sports, there’s much less pressure on an individual to achieve at the same level as the rest of the team. You truly can achieve at your own pace, but you probably will be surprised how quickly all children and teenagers can progress while taking our karate classes.

For children with autism, ADD or ADHD, martial arts in San Marcos or Encinitas can be an excellent way to enjoy some fun exercise. Not only will there be physical activity, this activity will be focused on helping improve concentration and focus, improve discipline and improve self-control. In addition, as they earn belts, this will be a huge boost for their self-confidence and self-esteem. We also teach students to respect each other and treat each other with kindness so this is a safe and low-stress environment for all of our students, including those with special needs.

A Child Struggling In School

Teens and kids struggle in school for any number of reasons. If your child is having trouble staying focused on classwork and homework or having trouble managing their behavior, martial arts in Encinitas can be a helpful option. At our dojo, we teach discipline, respect and confidence.

Martial arts is a way of life, and it’s a life where practitioners are meant to be disciplined, hard-working, show self-control and be humble. We teach this during our classes and it naturally extends into other areas of life, including the school environment. We find that children and teens who are taking classes for martial arts in San Marcos or Encinitas not only have stronger self-confidence, they tend to do better in school and exhibit better behavior overall.

All Other Children & Teenagers

Actually, martial arts in Encinitas are for everyone. We have kids in our classes who are highly coordinated athletes and kids that have never played a sport in their lives. Some of our kids are artists or writers while others love participating in theater. Still others are video game enthusiasts or kids who love scouting and the outdoors. Martial arts is not just for kids that need a confidence boost, it’s a great option for anyone. Not only will martial arts help your child improve their physical health and boost their self-esteem, it also teaches them important safety and self-defense skills.

If you are searching for a school for martial arts in San Marcos, martial arts in Encinitas or in Carlsbad, consider giving us a call at Team MAI. We offer karate instruction to children as young as four and all the way up to adulthood. We also offer a free, two-week trial so you can determine whether or not Team MAI is a good fit for your teen or child.

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