Sensei Adiv Elysium

Sensei Adiv Elysium is currently a 1st degree black belt. Sensei Adiv was a Profession Body Boarder for 7 years. He competed in many contests and has been featured in numerous magazines. He is currently a General Contractor and has two young kids that are learning Karate at MAI. Recently, he won his first Karate tournament. He knows the discipline it takes and the rewards that follow when life-changing goals are set and executed. He’s has been knocked down numerous times in all aspects of life and keeps thriving. It is his belief that through adversity and hard work, we can become stronger and will accomplish anything we set our sights on. Sensei Adiv has always been willing to teach others who are willing to learn. One of his strengths in teaching is his use of positive reinforcement when instructing others.

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