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Information About Martial Arts In Encinitas

Signing up for martial arts classes is one of the most valuable things you can do for your child. Not only will marital arts in Encinitas provide quality exercise and conditioning, your child will learn discipline, improve self-control, boost their level of confidence and learn some important self-defense skills.

For those unfamiliar with martial arts in Encinitas, our karate school accepts children and teens beginning at age four. The classes are structured both by age and experience level, ensuring that the children are well-matched for sparring and development activities. While we are here to teach karate skills, we also focus on the whole person, seeking to improve every aspect of our students’ lives. Our goal is to build character, instill a sense of respect for oneself and others and to encourage hard work, humbleness and self-discipline.

As you probably already know, earning belts is a big part of martial arts. Encinitas students will begin by learning skills to procure their white belt, and in order to earn that belt and all subsequent belts, a test will be given where your child or teen will demonstrate the skills he or she has learned. After earning a white belt, your child can continue to earn all the way up to the black belt which is a symbol of skills learned, as well as their hard work, perseverance and commitment to karate.

It might interest you to know that in the past, students of karate kept the same belt throughout their training. It began as a white belt and then was dyed yellow, which was the second belt level. From there it was continually dyed darker colors until you reach the highest level, which is black. These days, students earn a new belt rather than simply dying the first belt, and many students of martial arts in Encinitas will keep these belts throughout their entire lives, much as you would a trophy.

If you are searching for martial arts in Encinitas or Carlsbad, Team MAI offers classes for children and teenagers in our 3,000-square-foot dojo as well as offering after-school classes at eight Carlsbad elementary schools and one elementary school in San Marcos. We also have a free two-week trial at our dojo so that your teen or child can see for themselves if Team MAI is the right fit.

In addition to our children’s programs, we also offer a tournament team for students of marital arts in Encinitas, Carlsbad and North San Diego County. Those trying out for the team are making a two-year commitment and must attend extra team practices in addition to the weekly classes.

Once a student has earned a black belt, the journey doesn’t end there. Our Master’s Club is ideal for students who wish to continue their training and attain even higher levels. This club includes lessons in advanced kata, or forms, as well as sparring and weapons training. The goal is earning your 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Of course, it’s not just kids that are interested in martial arts in Encinitas, we know that adults also benefit from karate training. We offer adult classes that offer a great total body workout as well as teaching self-defense techniques, karate forms and sparring. This can be a fun way to improve your body, lose weight, increase flexible and generally improved your overall focus and concentration.

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