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Exercises Beyond Classes For Karate & Taekwondo In San Marcos

If your child is enrolled in classes for karate or perhaps taekwondo in San Marcos or Carlsbad, not only will they learn about self-defense and discipline, they also will receive a healthy dose of good exercise. Daily exercise is important for all of us, especially these days as our lives tend to be quite sedentary, but with children exercise needs to be approached differently than with adults.

Chances are your child enjoys a good amount of exercise during recess or physical education periods. When you add to that a few karate classes or taekwondo in San Marcos each week, you can see that they do engage in a good amount of activity. Still, it never hurts to be as active as possible. Activity not only can improve your physical strength and condition, it also improves your mental health and even makes it easier to fall asleep each night and enjoy a better night’s rest.

When you are thinking about activities for your child, keep in mind that their growing bodies are tough, but you do need to look for signs of exhaustion. Keep them hydrated and provide periods of rest if you are doing any type of intense exercise or training. Also, if they are going to be doing exercises such as weight-lifting, it’s very important that they are supervised. Weight training is a great way to build strength but it’s essential that the exercises are done correctly or injuries and strains can occur.

In addition to karate in Carlsbad or perhaps taekwondo in San Marcos, swimming classes can provide some fun exercise. Swimming is not only is a great low-impact, cardiovascular exercise, it’s also an essential skill that all children and teens should master. This is a great summertime option as kids love going to the pool anyway and it provides good activity rather than just sitting around at home watching TV or playing video games.

While some children prefer the world of martial arts and only take classes for karate or taekwondo in San Marcos or Carlsbad, many kids and teens participate in multiple sports. Playing on a soccer team, football team or perhaps baseball or volleyball provides an outlet for exercise, keeping kids busy and healthy.

Of course, just allowing kids to get outside, run around and play is a perfectly fine way to spend a few hours. Head to the park or have them run around the neighborhood with the other kids. Unstructured playtime is one of the best activities we enjoy during our childhood, and most parents probably have fond memories of hanging out with the neighborhood kids or scrambling around the local park or heading to the community swimming pool.

The best way to ensure that your children are healthy and stay healthy as adults is to involve them in activities that they truly love. These also should be activities that will be easy to continue as they head into adulthood. For instance if your child loves karate or taekwondo in San Marcos, they can continue to work on these skills far into their adult years. They can even mix it up and later learn jiu jitsu or mixed martial arts.

Other activities that are great for family fun include hiking, walking and biking. This can get your whole family moving and there are plenty of great wilderness areas throughout San Diego County for walkers, hikers and bikers. This is definitely something that a child can learn to love when young and enjoy for a lifetime. Surfing, tennis and golf are three other options that you can enjoy for a long time.

If you are interesting in jiu jitsu, karate or taekwondo in San Marcos, give us a call here at Team MAI. Our specialty is karate and we offer classes to children as young as four all the way up to adulthood. Classes are group based on age and ability level, and we also have a Master’s Club for our experienced students and a Tournament Team. You can check out Team MAI with a free two-week trial and see for yourself if it’s the right fit for your child.

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