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Choosing The Right Martial Arts Experience

Whether you are considering signing your child up for karate, taekwondo or jiu jitsu in San Marcos, the facility that you choose is truly what is most important. Obviously at Team MAI our focus in on karate and we are passionate about karate, but we know there are many martial arts options out there. In fact, it can be tough to select the right school for your child, so keep the following tips in mind when you are looking for a school.

1. Select A School With The Right Focus

Different schools for karate or jiu jitsu in San Marcos have different focuses and philosophies. At some schools, competition is a huge focus, and some families want a very competitive environment for their child. At Team MAI, we have a little something for everyone.

We do have a Tournament Team for our advanced students, and this is a two-year commitment that requires students to attend extra practices as well as their regular weekly class. Team members compete in three tournaments during the course of the year, and once a student completes two years on the Tournament Team, they can try out for our World Team which includes higher level sparring, showmanship and weapons training.

However, not every student will want to pursue martial arts at a higher, competitive level and that’s just fine. Students in our classes are group based upon age and ability level and during their earliest months and years of study, our main focus will be on teaching them self-defense skills as well as working on self-discipline, self-confidence and respect. We provide them with excellent training and teach students that with hard work and focus, goals can be achieved. It’s gratifying to watch students progress and to see their boost in self-esteem along the way.

2. Give The Facility A Good Onceover

While you can’t always judge a book by its cover, a good first impression certainly doesn’t hurt. When you visit a school for taekwondo, karate or jiu jitsu in San Marcos, take a good look around the entire facility. It should be clean and neat and organized.

3. Observe During A Class

Most martial arts schools have an area where parents can sit and observe during a class, so while you are visiting schools, sit and watch for a little bit. Make a note of whether or not the kids or teens seem truly focused and engaged in the lesson. See if they also seem to be having fun. While learning a martial art, such as jiu jitsu in San Marcos, does take some hard work and focus, it should also be fun for the kids. They should be showing respect to their instructor but also enjoy working with him or her.

It also is wise to see how the kids or teenagers interact with each other. We teach the kids to treat each other with respect and encourage a true sense of camaraderie. We want them to form lasting friendships with one another.

4. Have Your Child Take A Trial Class

At Team MAI, we offer a free two-week trial, so that your child or teen can really experience what happens during our classes. We also teach introductory classes at many local schools in the area, which might also be a great way to truly gauge your child’s interest in our programs. Many schools of karate or jiu jitsu in San Marcos do offer a free class or a free trial, so be sure to take advantage of this deal. If you would like to take a tour of our facilities, give us a call today at we can get your child started on their martial arts journey.

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