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Busting 6 Myths About Martial Arts In Encinitas

If you or your child have never taken a class for martial arts in Encinitas or Carlsbad, you might have some preconceived notions about martial arts and karate. Unfortunately, some of these misconceptions keep people from enjoying all the benefits that karate has to offer. The following information may help dispel some of the most common myths about martial arts in general.

1. Martial Arts Is All About Violence

While television and movies often portray martial arts in gory fight scenes, martial arts is not an activity that focuses on violence. In fact, it is just the opposite. While students certainly do learn fighting skills, the focus isn’t on violence but rather self-defense, discipline and respect.

Talk to any martial art expert and he or she will explain that martial arts is a way of life. With hard work and discipline, students can achieve their goals, both in martial arts and in their daily lives, and this is what we teach. At Team MAI, we believe that martial arts in Encinitas can have a positive impact on all areas of a student’s life and not just at our dojo. At no time, do we ever encourage violence, and no reputable martial arts school would encourage violence. We emphasize finding peaceful solutions to conflicts, but provide students with defensive skills that can help protect them. Often simply knowing that you can defend yourself provides you with the confidence to find positive solutions to conflicts.

2. Martial Arts Is Just For Boys

Martial arts is for everyone. Your gender doesn’t matter. Your size doesn’t matter. Anyone willing to work hard and practice their martial arts skills can succeed at Team MAI. Throughout the United States, nearly half of all martial arts students are female and that’s certainly true at our school as well. The self-defense aspect of karate and martial arts is one of the most compelling reasons to consider enrolling your daughter in martial arts classes, but there are many other important benefits as well.

3. You Have To Be In Great Shape To Take Classes

One of the great things about martial arts is that you don’t have to be a “typical” athlete to be successful, and you don’t have to be in great shape to get started. Everyone needs some type of physical activity in their lives, and martial arts can be a great fit for a child or teen who doesn’t really enjoy team sports and perhaps lacks the skills of a seasoned athlete. Martial arts works every part of your body, and can help you improve muscle tone, strength and stamina.

As the weeks go by, attending martial arts classes will help your child or teen gain strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. A student might not start out in fantastic shape, but they can improve their physical condition and have a great time along the way. This is another perk regarding martial arts, it’s fun and engaging, and you can continue to take classes throughout your lifetime. With martial arts, there is always something new to learn and practice, and even our most seasoned instructors continue to work on their skills, many years after earning black belts.

4. All Martial Arts Are The Same

There are many martial arts options available in our area. Each type of martial art has its own unique history and style. At Team MAI, we teach karate, a Japanese martial art that originated in Okinawa. Other schools might teach jiu jitsu or perhaps taekwondo. We offer a free two-week trial so that students can see if karate is a good fit for them. We also teach after-school karate classes as many local elementary schools, which is another way to see if karate is your best option.

5. It’s Too Competitive

Martial arts certainly can be a competitive sport, but it doesn’t have to be. While some of our students join our tournament team and have blast competing at various karate tournaments, no one is ever required to enter a competition. As students advance, sparring does come in to play, but we look at sparring as a way for students to improve their skills by putting them into practice rather than simply a competition.

6. You Have To Start Learning As A Child

Whether you are 25 or 35 or 55, it’s never too late to begin taking classes for martial arts in Encinitas or Carlsbad. At Team MAI, we offer an Adult Program, and you don’t have to be a martial expert to take part. In fact, beginners are always welcome. Taking our adult classes is not only a great way to get into shape, it also is a fantastic way to show support for your child’s martial arts journey. Taking karate classes also can help lower your stress and anxiety levels, which can have a positive impact on your overall health and your life in general.

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