Karate & Taekwondo In San Marcos & Other Family-Friendly Options

Searching for some unique family friendly activities can be tricky, especially if you are searching for endeavors that are a bit outside the box. If you enjoy martial arts, such as karate or taekwondo in San Marcos, we have a couple of suggestions that might appeal to your family.

1. Take A Family Class
Did you know that we offer several family classes each and every week? During thes…

Karate & Taekwondo In Encinitas VS. Team Sports

If you have young children and are searching for some type of athletic experience for them, there are many options to consider. You might be weighing participation in a traditional team sport versus martial arts, such as karate or taekwondo in Encinitas. Here are a few facts that might help you come to a solid decision.

1. We Teach Similar Skills & Beyond
Aside from the fun factor, one of…

Karate & Jiu Jitsu In San Marcos: 6 Practice Tips

Bruce Lee once said, “practice makes perfect. After a long time of practicing, our work will become natural, skillful, swift and steady.” While consistent attendance in class is crucial, one of the best ways to improve in the martial arts is to practice when you aren’t in the dojo.

Unfortunately, many students of karate or jiu jitsu in San Marcos and Carlsbad often skip practicing or…

Karate & Jiu Jitsu In Encinitas: 7 Facts You Probably Don’t Know

While we are a school of karate, we love learning about all types of martial arts. This includes karate, as well as jiu jitsu in Encinitas. These are two of the most popular options for kids and teens and while you might know a bit about these martial arts, here are a few facts you might not have known.

1. Karate Will Be An Olympic Sport
Wrestling has been a part of the Olympics since t…

How martial arts can improve academic performance

How martial arts can improve academic performance

Exercise such as martial arts positively impacts children and adolescents’ academic performance, according to the Journal of Pediatrics. The University of Madrid conducted the three-year study, which included 2,038 individuals aged 6 to 18. As physical fitness improves individuals’ health, it also positively affects the brain. This study…

Karate & Jiu Jitsu In Carlsbad: The Tournament Team

Whether you opt for karate, taekwondo or perhaps jiu jitsu in Carlsbad, as your child progresses in their training, you may have the option to join a tournament team. Here are a few helpful facts about our Tournament Team and what it’s all about.

Why Join A Tournament Team?
For some students of karate or jiu jitsu in Carlsbad, joining a tournament team is a natural progression of their…

Martial Arts Encinitas: Facts About Weapons Training

During a student’s first few years at our school for martial arts in Encinitas, we spend most of our classwork on kata, or forms. As students progress, some basic sparring training is added and eventually we move into more advanced sparring. Usually, at this point, students have joined our Tournament Team. After two years on this team, taking part in many competitions, a student can join our…

Martial Arts In San Marcos: Preparing For Your Child’s First Class

If you are new to the world of martial arts, but considering signing your child or teen up for their first class, both of you might be a bit unsure about this endeavor. Every new experience can seem a bit daunting at first, but it won’t take long until your child is comfortable and enjoying their karate classes. Here are a few tips to help make those first classes as easy as possible and som…

Karate & Self Discipline

Martial arts serve more purposes than providing self-defense techniques and physical activity for children. Martial arts is a discipline that is steeped in history and teaches children confidence, respect and self-discipline.

Martial Arts Respect

From the moment a child enters their first class they will be taught to respect their teacher, their fellow classmates and even the classroom…

Taking Karate In Encinitas & 5 Other Anti-Bullying Tips

Since the dawn of time, children and teenagers have had to deal with bullying. If your child is being emotionally or physically bullied, you fully understand the consequences of this behavior. There are several positive steps that you or your child can take to either stop the bullying or reduce its effect on your life.

Taking our classes for karate in Encinitas or Carlsbad is an excellent…

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