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Beyond Karate In Carlsbad: 17 Easy Ways To Live A Healthier Life

If you are a child, teen or adult taking our classes for karate in Carlsbad, then you’ve already taken a big step toward a healthier life. After all, martial arts classes provide you with a total body workout as well as improving focus, coordination and strength. In addition to martial arts, such as jiu jitsu in Carlsbad or karate, there are many easy changes that you can make that can help you fill fitter, stronger and healthier in general. Here’s a list of 17 easy tips that can help you lead a healthier life.

1. Take A Morning Walk
Even if you spend just five minutes walking the dog around the block, this quick burst of exercise can help get you focused for the day ahead. If possible, grab the kids and have them come along. If a morning walk seems like an impossibility, then simply switch it up and schedule an afternoon or evening walk.

2. Drink Water
The old rule that you needed to drink 8, 8-ounce glasses of water each day isn’t necessarily the correct amount for everyone, but it’s a decent rule of thumb. If you rarely drink water, this can lead to dehydration, which affects your entire body. If you think the old 64 ounces per day guideline is unattainable, work up to it. Start with the goal of drinking 30 ounces, then increase to 50 and so on.

3. Pack Your Lunch
Many of these tips are perfect goals for both kids and adults, including packing your own lunch. School lunches and fast food are notoriously unhealthy, but by packing food for yourself, you can control the number of calories as well as choosing whole foods over processed foods. Generally, packaging your own lunch also is less expensive than buying lunch anyway.

4. Take The Stairs
If you work in an office building with several floors, skip the elevator and use the stairs whenever possible. Even taking the stairs to use a restroom on another floor can provide you with an opportunity to stretch out your muscles and get the blood flowing. These days, our lives tend to be highly sedentary and highly stressful, so adding in a bit of activity whenever you can is always a positive move.

5. Don’t Wait For Parking Spaces
If you circle the parking lot looking for the closest possible space, reconsider this and go for a spot farther away from the stores. This is an easy way to fit in a tiny bit of extra activity into your busy day.

6. Skip The Junk Food Aisle
One of these easiest ways to avoid junk food is to simply never bring it into your home. If you are craving a cupcake, potato chips or soda and it’s easy to access, this can be tough to resist. Keeping it out of your house is the easiest way to eliminate this from your diet.

7. Makeover Your Fridge
Make it easy for everyone in your home to grab healthy snacks. Place fruits, veggies and other healthy items front and center in the fridge, so that you can see them and access these items quickly.

8. Do 50 Sit Ups
While you might not have time for a full exercise routine every day, make a commitment to do 40 or 50 sit ups or crunches every day. Consider doing this activity in the morning or even during the commercials as you watch TV. Consider adding in a few squats and push-ups each day as well.

9. Set An Alarm
If you have a job where you sit all day, it is wise to set the alarm on your phone to go off once per hour. When the alarm sounds, get up and do a quick stretch and then walk around for a few seconds. Even if you just have a minute or two to move about, this can reduce muscle stiffness and even improve your focus.

10. Dedicate An Extra Exercise Day
For those who take a class for karate in Carlsbad or perhaps jiu jitsu in Carlsbad, then you have at least one opportunity each week to enjoy a good workout. In addition to this class, make a commitment to exercise at least once more per week. Even if your weekdays are slammed, there’s usually a free hour or two on the weekends that you could dedicate to a healthy activity.

11. Practice Your Skills
Whether you take jiu jitsu in Carlsbad or karate in Carlsbad, it is important to practice your skills. Not only will this help improve your martial arts skills, it’s also great exercise. Even if you aren’t taking one of our adult classes, practice with your kids or teens and have them teach you the new skills they are learning.

12. Choose Activities You Love
You are far more likely to stick with an exercise routine if you are doing something you truly enjoy. If you love swimming, finding an open swim time at your local pool and go as often as you can. If you love hiking, schedule a weekly hike with friends or family. One of the reasons why karate in Carlsbad is so effective is that it is a highly engaging activity. When exercise feels more like a chore than a fun activity, it can be hard to stick to a weekly routine, so select activities that inspire you.

13. Skip The Snooze & Get A Great Start
If you tend to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock several times each morning, reconsider this habit. You might think that snoozing allows you a few extra minutes of rest, but it actually can make you even more tired. It’s best to do a quick stretch and hop out of bed. Not only will you have a bit more energy, you also will have a bit of time for that morning walk.

14. Get Enough Sleep
There never seems to be enough hours in the day, and many people gain an extra hour or two by limiting their sleeping time, but this isn’t a healthy choice. Most adults need at least 7 hours, teenagers need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep and elementary and middle school children need about 10 hours per night. Consider setting up a bedtime routine that includes turning off devices and perhaps reading or just relaxing and listening to music. This can help everyone in the family wind down and make it easier to transition into sleep.

15. Eat A Healthy Breakfast
Make a commitment to eat a healthy breakfast each morning. If you must munch on the run, consider a quick homemade smoothie made with fresh fruit and plain yogurt or perhaps research some heart-healthy muffin recipes and make a batch on Sunday evenings for the week ahead.

16. Plan Your Meals
Does your family have a calendar where every day has a myriad of activities? If so, you are not alone. These busy schedules make pizza delivery and fast food look very attractive, but we all know that these aren’t the healthiest options. If possible, plan out as many of your meals as possible. Large salads, wraps & sandwiches and crock pot meals such as chili and soups can be easy-to-prepare, healthy options and these types of foods also accommodate schedules when not everyone is able to be home at one set time to eat dinner.

17. Use A Pedometer
Sometimes just being mindful helps you make some healthy changes. A pedometer measures how many steps per day you take. You can simply monitor yourself at first to figure out your typical number of steps per day, and then challenge yourself to increase it by 100 steps per day and then another 100 steps and so on. See if you can challenge yourself to take 10,000 steps each day.

If you are not yet a member of the Team MAI family, signing up for karate in Carlsbad can be a fantastic way for you, your children or your teenagers to get into great shape. We offer beginner to advanced classes for all ages, and you can get started with our free, two-week trial. Call us today and we will set up a tour of our facilities, and help you take a giant leap to a healthier life.

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