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8 Awesome Gifts For Students Of Karate & Jiu Jitsu In Carlsbad

As the holidays approach, we must face the dreaded task of deciding what to buy for everyone on our Christmas list. If your child is a student of karate or jiu jitsu in Carlsbad, why not purchase a martial arts-related gift? Here are a few suggestions that might make great holiday or birthday gifts.

1. Karate Belt Display

Earning a new belt takes time and hard work. If your martial arts student has earned several belts, it can be fun to display this achievement. Several different companies produce these attractive wall displays. Not only will your child enjoy seeing their white and perhaps yellow and orange belts on display, it might provide them with a little inspiration to work hard and fill up the belt holder all the way up to black.

2. A New Gi

There’s nothing quite like a brand new Gi, which is the uniform worn by practitioners of martial arts such as karate, judo or jiu jitsu in Carlsbad. At Team MAI, we wear white Gi’s as well as vivid black and red Gi’s for our more advanced students.

3. Karate Movies

If your child loves karate, they probably would enjoy watching karate movies. The original “Karate Kid” is certainly a great option, and while the remake features kung-fu and not karate, it’s still a top pick for older children. There are actually four movies in the original “Karate Kid” series, and the final installment feature Hilary Swank as a young karate student. Young adults might enjoy watching a few Bruce Lee classics, and while this doesn’t feature actual karate skills, you can’t get much cooler than Bruce Lee.

4. Karate Kid Bobble Head

These days, there seems to be a bobble head for every movie, TV show or comic and “Karate Kid” is no exception. Funko POP produces a bobble head of both Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, the main characters from the original movie. There are also companies that will create a custom bobble head that features a head that looks like your child on a body wearing a karate Gi. That can be a fun holiday gift or you could present it to your child or teen upon earning a new belt.

5. Tickets To A Tournament

There are tournaments in Southern California for virtually every martial art. So, whether you have a student of karate or perhaps a student of jiu jitsu in Carlsbad, there is something for everyone. We can provide you with information about upcoming local karate tournaments or you can browse the web.

6. An Inspirational Poster

Kids of all ages love decorating their room with posters, so why not purchase a few with a karate theme. There are even wall decals in a karate theme, which provide a fun and easy way to decorate a room in a karate theme without spending a lot of time or money.
7. Karate-Inspired Legos

If you have a child that loves Legos as well as karate, Lego does offer the Lego Friends Emma Karate Class set. This set includes one mini-figure as well as a chopping block, a shoji screen, a trophy case and a little bonsai tree. The Lego Ninjago line is another option for martial arts students, and while these are based on ninja characters, these sets feature a cool Japanese vibe.

8. Books About Karate

Books can be excellent gifts, but if you have a youngster that doesn’t enjoy reading, you might have more success if you select a subject of great interest to them, such as martial arts. There are dozens of great karate-themed and martial arts-themed books for kids. A few titles we found include “Karate for Kids” by Robin L. Reilley and “The Kids’ Karate Workbook: A Take-Home Training Guide for Young Martial Artists” by Didi Goodman and Linda Nikaya. Those were just two options suitable for younger kids. For teenagers, books such as “Karate-Do: My Way of Life” by Ginchin Funakoshi is one of many good options. Funakoshi was the founder of Shotokan Karate-Do and known as the father of modern karate.

These are just a few suggestions that might interest your child or teen. If your child has never participated in martial arts class and is interested in jiu jitsu in Carlsbad, karate, judo or another form of martial arts, give us a call. At Team MAI our focus is on karate, and we offer a free two-week trial, which will help you gauge whether or not our school is a good fit for your child or teenager.

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