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5 Signs That Indicate Your Child Will Enjoy Karate In Encinitas

If you are searching for a meaningful and engaging activity for your child or teen-ager,
classes for karate in Encinitas, Carlsbad or San Marcos might be an excellent option. In order to decide whether martial arts is the best fit for your unique child, consider the following signs that indicate your child probably will enjoy and benefit from our karate classes.

1. Your Child Asks For Karate Lessons

Children ask for a lot of things – puppies, ponies, PlayStations and on and on. If you have a child constantly running around the house pretending to be a karate expert, why not channel that energy into some fun karate classes at Team MAI? Karate classes are definitely easier on parents that caring for ponies and puppies, and, unlike video games, they offer a great form of exercise. If your child is asking about martial arts lessons, then that can be a good indication that karate in Encinitas might be right for them.

2. Your Child Has Issues With Self-Control & Discipline

Many children are very impulsive and make poor decisions, and if you have a child that struggles with self-control, martial arts can help solve these issues. It might seem odd that a sport that teaches fighting skills would be a good way to improve self-control, but karate is not about violence or striking out when angry. Karate is all about self-control and discipline and as your child begins learning and achieving goals, you will find that their ability to control themselves greatly improves.

For instance, we teach many self-defense skills and help children and teens learn positive ways to diffuse a confrontational situation before it escalates into angry words and possibly violence. The goal is always to avoid a violent outcome, but to be able to defend oneself if the need arises. Often just knowing that you can defend yourself if needed, helps you to remain calm and avoid problems.

3. Your Child Has Trouble With Focus & Concentration

For many children, particularly for those with ADD or ADHD, maintaining focus on tasks such as schoolwork and chores can be very difficult. While karate does require focus and diligent concentration, we find that many children with focus issues do extremely well in martial arts classes. In many cases, these children have an excess of energy, and we channel this energy and transform it into a strength.

Physical activity has been shown to be highly beneficial to children with ADD, ADHD, but they need activities that don’t require a lot of waiting around or highly complex instruction. Karate in Encinitas provides plenty of physical exertion and we keep the kids moving during the whole class. Many kids and teens with these types of issues suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem, and each time they learn a new skill or earn a new belt, their confidence will increase. Our goal is not just to help your child find success here at the dojo, but in all other areas of life, as well.

4. Your Child Lacks Physical Coordination/Athletic Skills

Not everyone is a natural-born athlete, and many children simply don’t enjoy team sports, and that’s ok. However, everyone needs some type of exercise and karate in Encinitas can provide them with a type of exercise that is fun and engaging. In just a short time, you will see that your child’s overall physical strength has improved as well as their coordination and balance. Every child and teen can be successful at martial arts, it is simply a matter of following our directions and practicing the skills.

5. Your Free Trial Was A Success

At Team MAI, we offer a free two-week trial for new students. This allows you to truly gauge whether your child is a good fit for Team MAI or for karate in Encinitas in general. We also offer a special after-school program at nine public elementary schools in Carlsbad as well as one in San Marcos. If your child enjoyed either of these options, then our karate classes will probably be a great option for them.

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