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5 Life Skills Attained Through Karate & Martial Arts In San Marcos / Carlsbad

When you enroll in classes for taekwondo, karate or jiu jitsu in San Marcos & Carlsbad , you might simply be searching for a fun, engaging after-school activity for your child or teen. While we do provide students with plenty of fun, through karate instruction your child also will gain some important life skills.

1. We Teach Self-Defense Skills

This one might seem obvious, but many people mistakenly believe that marital arts promotes violence. Karate skills are meant to be a form of self-defense, and we believe that everyone should have solid self-defense skills. Along with learning how to defend yourself, we also teach kids and teens to be more aware of their surroundings. Often simply knowing that you can defend yourself and being aware of what is happening around is enough to keep you safe. Of course, if one needs to use kicks or punches to defend oneself, then karate lessons will provide them with the skills they need.

2. Kindness & Respect

Respect is a huge part of martial arts training. We teach students to have respect for their instructor, respect for their classmates and respect for themselves. We also teach them to respect their parents, teachers, friends and classmates. In addition to expecting kind and respectful attitudes in class (and at home and school), our team of instructors models this positive behavior in class. Teachers show respect to other teachers and to students, showcasing that we practice what we preach.

3. Self-Control & Patience

Many adults have yet to master the arts of self-control and patience, and it can disrupt their personal lives as well as their professional lives. Taking a calm, patient approach to difficult situations is always the best option. As they say, “cooler heads prevail,” and the sooner children learn how to be patience and exercise self-control, the more successful they will be in the future.

Karate training provides plenty of opportunities to practice these virtues. Part of our training includes helping students learn how to handle confrontations. We teach them to first stay calm and find a way to diffuse the situation rather than simply striking out. As adults, confrontations are part of life, and while most are not physical confrontations, learning how to control your emotions and handle situations calmly makes life a lot easier, and this is all part of karate training.

4. Responsibility

As we all know, practice makes perfect. In order to become better at karate, students must be focused during class and students also must practice at home. We expect students to come to class prepared and on time, as well as scheduling practice time. While parents typically are responsible for the actual driving to and from class, students have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate responsibility. For instance, you child or teen can ensure that they are dressed and ready to go on time. Your child also can create a weekly schedule for themselves with a daily checklist of activities, homework, chores and karate practice.

5. Physical Fitness

Every day in the news, we hear cautionary tales about obesity rates, diabetes, heart disease and our often-sedentary lifestyles. Karate in San Marcos & Carlsbad not only provides a total body workout, it’s a fun and engaging activity and kids can continue training throughout their lifetime. When people find physical activities, they enjoy, they are more likely to exercise and stay fit and we encourage them to continue their training all the way to adulthood.

For those searching for martial arts classes, such as karate in San Marcos & Carlsbad or jiu jitsu in San Marcos, we encourage you to consider Team MAI. We provide expert karate instruction for children ages four and up, as well as teens and adults. We offer both beginner and advanced classes so you can begin at any level. To ensure that Team MAI is the best fit for you, we encourage all prospective students to try out our dojo with a free two-week trial.

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