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Welcome to the TeamMAI Website!

For over 20 years, MAI students have learned valuable life lessons from our experienced teachers, simultaneously strengthening their bodies and minds. MAI is family owned and operated and proudly teaches traditional karate, self defense techniques, and Mixed Martial Arts skills.

We teach confidence, respect, and discipline.

In our dojo, we strongly believe in these three basic tenets and our training reflects it. As students develop new skills, they increase their overall physical strength while building their self confidence. Though we are instructors of martial arts, our primary goal is for every student to excel, not only in the dojo, but in all areas of life including at home, at school, and within the community.
Come visit us today and learn how our fun classes can benefit you!


The pursuit of martial arts is not a race, it's a journey.

  • Our Dojo

Our facility has over 3000 square feet of training space, surrounded by hardwood floors and seating areas inside and out for spectators. Our floor-to-ceiling windows offer plenty of light and viewing opportunity for families to watch class from outside. Our large patio has many chairs and tables for homework, snacks, etc. For your convenience, there are his and hers bathrooms and a drinking fountain located inside the school.

Our dojo has a spacious training area, divided into two separate rooms to allow for simultaneous classes. Our padded floors are joint friendly and ideal for all types of martial art training, including sparring, katas, weapons, and grappling.

  • Our Founder

Sensei Jeff Clark founded MAI, formerly International Karate Organization, at its current location in 1995 and has shared his knowledge of martial arts worldwide. Sensei Clark is a former U.S. karate champion with a 5th degree Black Belt under IKO and a 2nd degree Black Belt under U.S.K.O. He also has a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and received certification in Kobudo (Okinawan weaponry).

Sensei Clark's passion for competition has drawn him to Mixed Martial Arts (teaching, coaching and training). He is undefeated in Mixed Martial Arts and is presently the President / CEO of NCFC Fight Management, a premier fight management firm in the Mixed Martial Arts industry.

  • Our Classes

Our karate classes are offered to students 4 years and older. Classes are structured by age and belt level and typically include warm-ups, kicking drills, self defense techniques, kata (forms), and sparring.

All classes are taught by an experienced MAI Sensei (black belt instructor). Our instructors' primary goal is to develop the talent of our students and to instill in them the desire to be the best student possible while maintaining the highest degree of respect and humbleness expected within martial arts.

  • Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts is a fantastic way of simultaneously strengthening your inner mind and outer body.

Physical benefits include: improved strength, appearance, and muscle tone; increased energy level; improved flexibility; weight loss; and better overall health and longevity.

Mental benefits include: stress reduction; improved self-esteem; increased self-confidence; greater self-discipline; a more positive attitude; and improved focus and concentration in all areas of your life.

  • Children's Activities

In addition to all of our great children's karate classes, we also offer fun filled summer camps, nightime events, and overnight parties at the dojo. Each summer camp lasts a week and has included weapons training, mixed martial arts, grappling camp, and fitness boot camps.

Banzai Bashes typically last from 6:30-10pm and provide children with a safe, fun night at the dojo filled with creative games and dinner with their Senseis. Ninja Nights are overnight "slumber parties" at the dojo, complete with dinner, games, movies and maybe even a little sleep! Parents can enjoy some time by themselves, knowing that their child is safe and having a blast with their Senseis and fellow students.

  • MAI Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are held Saturdays after 1pm and for just $200, you get an 1.5 hour party for up to 10 kids, including set up, clean up, fun games, karate demonstrations, a special class pass for each guest, and a special gift for the birthday child. If you have more than 10 guests, each child is just an additional $10. Call us today to schedule your fun party!